Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meiji's Pineapple Gummy (果汁グミゴールデンパイン)

Coming back to Japan after a long holiday always bring a good surprises for me in term of new snacks and sweets in the supermarket as each season begin, and in this case, it's Spring. Thank god winter is mostly gone, especially in Kyushu area. 

Over the past few years since I've been away from New Zealand, I've missed eating lollies and gummies such as strawberry and cream. I tried looking for it in Thailand, but no luck. Here in Japan as well, it seems that gummy is not as popular as in New Zealand where you can visit any local supermarket or dairy, and you will find a wide varieties of lollies and gummy. Therefore, I must stick to the substitutes. 

I brought this pack of gummy at a local MaxValue supermarket for ¥88 per packet. 

On the package, it says that the gummy is made out of 100% pineapple juice. As for the flavor, it's a typical pineapple gummy, but I think the smell of this gummy is not as strong as the others. It's a good snack to have when you're bored during lectures, or falling asleep in a meeting. 

There are a different flavors such as grape, lemon and peach. If you're able to understand Japanese, the gummy's website is quite interesting. Apparently, there is a short anime story as a part of a promotional video. http://www.meiji.co.jp/sweets/candy_gum/fruits_gummi/

In the end, I guess the gummy is pretty good for me, but nothing to excite over. If compared with lollies such as strawberry n' cream, well.. I would exchange this for that any time.

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