Friday, November 11, 2011

白い恋人 White Chocolate Langue De Chat (Cat's Tongue)

A couple of weeks back, I received Mary's Fancy Chocolate, and Ishiya's White Chocolate Langue de Chat, known as 恋人 (koibito), meaning love ones in English.

I opened the fancy chocolate first, and actually left the 恋人 in its' bag until this week while I was writing my marketing paper. Hence, the marketing book that is underneath the box. (I apologize for the picture's quality, 3am is not the best time to take picture so to speak.)

To be bluntly honest, I would exchange a particular 'love ones' for this white chocolate cat's tongue anytime. The white chocolate is smooth, and creamy, while the langue de chat is crispy, literally TO DIE FOR. I love eating these with a glass of milk. I could continue myself to eat this all day, yet I have to stop myself from eating the whole thing all at once. In a way, I'm trying to cherish and making this box of Hokkaido 'sweetheart' lasts.

From my research, a box of 24 pieces costs ¥1,480. There is also a milk chocolate langue de chat available. Definitely worth a try.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blueberry Cream Pie (original baking)

I put my baking hat on, and baked a SUPER easy pie on a lazy Sunday afternoon... Actually, it was more of a rush as I had to make dinner as well. I made this pie, and Nutella Cookie, which I will share on another day, to celebrate my newly brought portable oven!! :)

Anyway, I have been using this recipe on many occasions, using my friend's oven, as a 'thank you' gift for a few people. The feedbacks had been relatively good, so I thought I would share this recipe with everyone. It's easy (very hard to screw up!), fast, and delicious.

The crust is a bit salty, but when combine with the sweetness of the cream, and a bit of sourness of the blueberry, it's brilliant! I think it's a great after-meal dessert, which only take an hour or less to whip up.

I first got this recipe from the internet, and start changing it accordingly to my personal taste. Anyway, hope you all will enjoy it. :)

The Lady & Son Blueberry Cream Pie (I edited this recipe from Paula Deen’s book which I got from the internet.. couldn't remember the website >.<) with No Roll Pie Crust

No Roll Pie Crust
1 ½ cups                    All-purpose flour
2 tablespoon              Sugar
½  teaspoon               Salt
½ cup                         Oil
2 tablespoons             Milk

Mix dry ingredients together with a bowl. Made a well in the center, and add the oil and milk. Mix with a fork till it makes a ball. Flatten and press into the pan in pie crust shape. Bake at 190°C for 10-12 minutes, or till golden brown.

Lady & Son Blueberry Cream Pie
140 g.                        Cream cheese
1 cup                          Icing sugar (confectioners’ sugar)
240 mL                      Heavy cream
½ cup                        White sugar (granulated sugar)
½ bag                         Frozen blueberry (or 2 small cans of canned blueberry)

1.     Beat cream cheese with icing sugar
2.     Beat the heavy cream with white sugar until it forms soft peak, but it also depends on how hard or soft of a texture you want the cream to be.
3.     Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.
4.     Spoon this mixture into the cooled pie shell and top with blueberry pie filling.
5.     Refrigerate until well chilled.

NOTE: After a few tries, I thought the pie tastes better after a night in the refrigerator, but that’s just my personal opinion. 

Until next time ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Calpis steamed bum

It has been a long time since I've post my last review. I apologize for such delay, but life has been.... quite unpredictable. After exams, I returned home, Bangkok. Then, the earthquake and tsunami happened, which is so devastating. I then started the second semester of my first year, and I barely had anytime. Anyway, I'm back, and hoping to post at least 3 times a month. I've also started a part-time job (バイト) at Mister Donuts, in the bakery, so I do all kind of stuff like dip the donuts in chocolate, put in the cream and custard, etc.

Recently, during 春, spring, I have discovered that Yamasaki (ヤマサキ) made a seasonal bun (during winter, there was a strawberry bun, which I LOVE), and for spring, they made a Calpis (カルピス) series. At first, my friend and I thought it would be interesting to give it a try, as we both love Calpis Water. After tasting, I however was tremendously disappointed.

I tried Calpis steamed bun, but there are various kinds such as sandwich bread, or soft round type bread which are usually eaten with butter.

The texture of the steam bun was nothing particularly different than other steamed bun, the smell of the Calpis however was quite strong. I found that the taste of the Calpis was too strong for my liking, and I would have preferred for the Calpis smell and taste to have been minimal.

However, my Japanese friend loves all of the Calpis series bread, especially the steamed bun, so maybe it was just me, and my friend who could not stand the strong smell and taste of the Calpis in the bread.

I would obviously not buy any of the Calpis bread series, but I urge those who can gets their hands on, to give it a try. Quite a unique experience, if I may say.

Have a good summer holiday everyone! Beppu is going through a typhoon at the moment, the wind is SOOO strong I swear I would fly away if I was 5-10 kg. lighter! :P

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Papico パピコチョココーヒー

Once again, I went missing for a month and a half. My excuse is life got really busy, and I was behind in testing out new sweets.

Even though it is still winter (冬) in Japan, that doesn't mean I would stop trying sweets that are stored in the freezer. In other word, ice-cream or ice-block.

You could say that Papico is one of the most common ice-block I see APU students eat. Mostly not during winter though.

To explain the ice-block in a simple description, Papico is a mixture of frozen chocolate and coffee.

As for the taste (味) of the product, I think it's... seriously delicious! The ice-block isn't too sweet, and I have a sense that during summer, I will purchase this product, daily. (hopefully, only once a day, as I don't think I can afford more...)

The price range of Papico is around a hundred yen. I think it's a price worthy.

As for eating ice-cream or anything that will freeze your brain, I don't suggest in doing so unless you are as crazy, or more, than I am.


Till the next time kiddies!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)

It has been awhile since I've updated, and I apologize for that. College seems to have got the better of me, and wow, it's 2011. Happy New Year everyone.

During the Christmas break, most of my friends went back home to celebrate the holiday with their family, however, some did leave to travel to various parts of Japan. 

Luckily, some friends did managed to travel to Tokyo for their holiday, and when they came back, I got to taste Tokyo Banana from the first time.

I have never been a fan of banana made sweets. It may have been caused by the fact that I had to swallowed down banana flavored Bactrim many times when I was a child. However, Tokyo Banana isn't one of those sweets.

At first, the cream inside the soft cake did give me the impression of the Bactrim, but it was soon overridden by the deliciousness of the snack itself. 

Within 20 seconds, I was able to consume not one, but three pieces of Tokyo Banana I was given.

I later found out that there are other kind of products that are classified as Tokyo Banana such as Tokyo Banana biscuits. I adore those because they were so good, especially the chocolate ones. (with banana cream filling of course)

If I do go to Toyko, I certainly will bring back a whole lots of Tokyo Banana.