Sunday, March 6, 2011

Papico パピコチョココーヒー

Once again, I went missing for a month and a half. My excuse is life got really busy, and I was behind in testing out new sweets.

Even though it is still winter (冬) in Japan, that doesn't mean I would stop trying sweets that are stored in the freezer. In other word, ice-cream or ice-block.

You could say that Papico is one of the most common ice-block I see APU students eat. Mostly not during winter though.

To explain the ice-block in a simple description, Papico is a mixture of frozen chocolate and coffee.

As for the taste (味) of the product, I think it's... seriously delicious! The ice-block isn't too sweet, and I have a sense that during summer, I will purchase this product, daily. (hopefully, only once a day, as I don't think I can afford more...)

The price range of Papico is around a hundred yen. I think it's a price worthy.

As for eating ice-cream or anything that will freeze your brain, I don't suggest in doing so unless you are as crazy, or more, than I am.


Till the next time kiddies!

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