Friday, November 11, 2011

白い恋人 White Chocolate Langue De Chat (Cat's Tongue)

A couple of weeks back, I received Mary's Fancy Chocolate, and Ishiya's White Chocolate Langue de Chat, known as 恋人 (koibito), meaning love ones in English.

I opened the fancy chocolate first, and actually left the 恋人 in its' bag until this week while I was writing my marketing paper. Hence, the marketing book that is underneath the box. (I apologize for the picture's quality, 3am is not the best time to take picture so to speak.)

To be bluntly honest, I would exchange a particular 'love ones' for this white chocolate cat's tongue anytime. The white chocolate is smooth, and creamy, while the langue de chat is crispy, literally TO DIE FOR. I love eating these with a glass of milk. I could continue myself to eat this all day, yet I have to stop myself from eating the whole thing all at once. In a way, I'm trying to cherish and making this box of Hokkaido 'sweetheart' lasts.

From my research, a box of 24 pieces costs ¥1,480. There is also a milk chocolate langue de chat available. Definitely worth a try.