Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rokkatei Butter Sandwich from Hokkaido

Happy 2012 everyone.  :) I hope you had a great holiday, and a great start to this year. I had a great holiday as I went up to the Kansai area for 9 days. During my time there, I realized that sweets are so much better in there than in Kyushu. T_T Actually, pretty much everything is better.

During December 2011, I ordered Rokkatei Butter Sandwich (マルセイバターサンド) from Hokkaido as a new year present for a friend's family, as well as ordering another box for myself. To me, I classify this sweet as a biscuit/cookie because I don't really see another way to classify it. =_="

I've only tasted Aso's Butter Sandwich (Aso is in Kumamota prefecture, Kyushu Island) before, but not the ones from Hokkaido. To my surprises, the Hokkaido's ones are much more creamy and stronger in favor.

A butter sandwich consists of butter/cream cheese filling with raisins, in between of two butter cookies. I think the cream with raisins part to be a bit too sweet. I don't mind the tiny scent of rum, however, I find it too hard to eat without any drink to drown the sweetness. The biscuit didn't help either, as I think they are made from brown sugar. I forgot to take the picture of the butter sandwich before my friend finished the whole 20-pieces box, so the picture of it is founded online. [credit: http://item.shopping.c.yimg.jp/i/j/946kitchen_m-2]

My Japanese friend seems to have enjoyed the Hokkaido's butter sandwich more than the Aso's ones, but somehow, I prefer the weaker taste one from Aso. I found it easier to eat, as I could only eat half of the Hokkaido's butter sandwich before having to put it down to get a glass of milk to lessen the overly sweetness of the biscuit.

Overall, I find this Rokkatei Butter Sandwich not to be overly exciting, or enchanted in anyway. However, Japanese people seems to like it, as it is a very well-known snacks and can be found outside of Hokkaido. I was super surprised when I was a small box of this butter sandwich in Daimaru Osaka-eki. It was a bit of a bummer because the friend's family whom I ordered it for lived in the Kansai area, and I wanted to find something that they can't normally find in the Kansai area.

Oh yeah.. This darling costed quite a penny in my opinion.. 20 pieces for ¥2,300.

You can find out more information on Rokkatei's Butter Sandwich from: https://www.rokkatei-eshop.com/eshop/contents/top/ (sorry, only in Japanese)


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    1. Thanks for leaving a message. Hope you're enjoying the blog ;)

  2. I'm a flt. attendant who travels to Japan almost once a week. I layover in the Shinjuku area, so I have access to most of the major department stores. Isetan, Keio, Lumine..etc

    I was wondering if these department stores may have this Marusei butter cookie? I will take a look on my next trip. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi there. I am not too sure where in particular Rokkatei is available, but I think Isetan may have them. You may have to ask around a bit (various department stores), as from time to time, there are special booths selling them, but you can never know for sure. Sorry that I can't help much, but the last time I saw it I was in Daimaru or Isetan in Osaka, so I'm sure it would be a lot easier to find in Tokyo.

      Another way is to order them to where you're staying from the internet, if you really are interested in getting your hands on them, and you couldn't find them anywhere you've looked in Tokyo.

      Hope this helps. Good luck! ;)

  3. You can get Rokkati in US from http://www.guidea.com/Rokkatei/