Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monteur's Apple Custard Dorayaki

A few weeks back, I was buying snacks before class in my university's coop shop, and found this gem. I think it's quite a seller, as most of the time, they're sold out.

I've always love dorayaki, well, only the pancake part anyway. People always tell me that it's just pancake, but I swear that it's more than just pancake. Pancake doesn't taste like dorayaki pancake, if that make sense, because it does to me. >.< Making this snack a treat for me. However, even though I call it dorayaki, on the label, they called it 'Apple Custard soft sandwich'.(りんごカスタードのやわらかサンド)To me, it's still a dorayaki though.

As you can see from the picture, most of the fillings is actually whipped cream. For the whole piece, you might find a micro-tiny piece of crunchy apply three to four times. As for the mentioned custard on the label, it's nowhere to be found. So, it's practically pancakes with whipped cream, and what's not to love about that.

I truly enjoyed it, and have brought it again many times. The price on the website is ¥126 but in my university's coop, I think they sell it for ¥138. Not too sure though. This would be a good snack for those who enjoy morning, afternoon snacks, or snacks in general. Nothing too special, but for the price, I think it is reasonable.

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