Friday, November 19, 2010

わっふる (Waffles) Poudre

Today's post is going to be different from the earlier ones. Instead of focusing solely on a snack, I'll be talking more about how to get to the place where the snack is.

APU → Oita

From APU, you have to take a bus (Line 50 or 51) to Beppu Station (別府駅). If you don't have a student ticket then it cost 430 yen.

Then, you catch a train to Oita (大分)which cost 270 yen. (540 yen for a round trip)

Even before you get to Oita, to do some shopping therapy, you can see that it is pretty expensive just to get there.

But the thing is... it's good to escape a small city such as Beppu once in a while. Just to change the scenery.

わっふる (Waffles) Poudre

On my first time in Oita, I did not dare to try the waffles as I found out it was not ice cream inside the waffles, but cream. Some of you may wonder why that is off putting for me, but I have never been a big fan of cream.

However, on my third time in Oita, I finally had the courage to try on the dessert because its' picture on the menu is so appealing.

The shop is located in the shopping area, very close to the Oita Station. If you see 'Zeus, The Amusement' building, it is right next to that. 

I chose a very basic flavor waffle, milk cream waffle. It is the cheapest on the menu and it only consist of cream, while others have fruits or some kind of pastes in them.

Half of the waffle cost 150 yen, and I thought that was pretty expensive. Usually, I don't mind the price as long as it is somewhat filling or worth its' price.

Close by to the waffle shop is a Starbuck store, so my friend and I went in for some hot drink on a somewhat cold day. 

I ordered a hot cocoa, which cost 410 yen. I would pay for this than buying the 110 yen canned one, because those ones taste like water. Seriously, I don't know why they are so watered down, but all of the canned cocoa I've tasted so far are certainly not what I've expected them to be, and that's in a bad way.

Despite the price of my afternoon snack, I thought the waffle went really well with the hot cocoa. When eating with hot drink, I thought the milk cream in the waffle was smooth, and not too overwhelming. It was simply perfect. By the last bite, I was contemplating whether to run out of Starbucks and get another one. Overall, I was happy with the waffle despite its' maddening price.

Here are some pictures I've taken while I was in Starbucks.