Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vegetable & Fruit Juice by Kagome

Today, I'm not going to be talking about a sweet. Instead, I'll be review Kagome's vegetable and fruit juice. 野菜

I've never been a fan of vegetable juice. Let's say my first impression of carrot juice was... "Umm. Ewww. No more."

However, I was shopping at Hirose a couple of weeks back, and got really thirsty. Initially, I was going to buy water, but then I saw the small-ish pocket size juice, that my friend made me tried it a couple of days back. (whom I will have to thanked... big time!)

I'm not too sure if many will like this juice, because well, it's quite watered down. The taste is not as prominent or as concentrate as others I've tasted back in Thailand.

Apparently, it has 21 different vegetable juice, and 3 fruit juice in it. One of the funniest thing seems to be that this particular juice has eggplant (なす) juice in it as well. I mean, it would be true, and all, but I haven't heard of eggplant juice before...

At first, when I noticed that there were a list of fruits and vegetables on the carton (with pictures), I got a bit TOO excited, and tried to guess from the pictures what's the name of the vegetables in English. Yes, it was very silly, and no, I couldn't guess what all of it are.

I purchase a 1L carton for 425 yen at Marushouku, but this week, I saw it at Hirose for 180 yen. At ¥180, I think is quite reasonable, and affordable.

Overall, I don't think the juice taste amazing, but I guess at least, I'm drinking something that is considered to be healthy.


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