Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chanoka (Langues de chat) by Malebranche

Since arriving in Japan, I've become quite a shopper for snacks or sweets. This however, was not originally discovered by me, but indeed, by my parents. They were in Kyoto for a couple of days after sending me off to the beautiful (きれい), but rather quiet (しずかな) town, Beppu.

After a few weeks of talking about the so called 'delicious green tea biscuits' they brought it back home to Thailand with them, I was offered a chance to order the Langues de chat online! (Have I told you how much I love the fact that I own a piece of plastic that is called credit card?? XD)

After the few days of going online, and trying to read all the information on the website that is ONLY in Japanese, I've come to a conclusion that I needed help. I went to a senpai (senior student), and asked him to translate and place an order. Funnily enough, he taught me a valuable lesson, and that is, 'google translation' can save your life. I mean, the thing can translate almost anything. Of course, there are times that the translation piece makes no sense at all, but most of the time, you can understand what it is trying to tell you.

Langues de chat are classic French butter cookies. You often see them beside ice-cream in restaurants. They are sometimes known as 'Cat's Tongues' because of its' oval shape.

A box of 茶の果 (Chanoka) [30 pcs] at a price of ¥3,780, with an extra ¥427 for shipping. However, the product also comes in 5, 10, 16 (comes in a beautiful metal box, which my friends have convinced me that it won't be much use after I've eaten all the biscuits), and 20 pieces.

After you purchase the product, you will get one confirmation email, that order has been sent to the company. After a few days or so, you will receive the 2nd email that contains the shipping code, so that you can check online about your purchase's whereabout.

Not even a week after I've ordered Chanoka, the product was delivered to me, refrigerated.

Here's the package.

Now, onto the inside of the package. 

In a way, 茶の果  is two pieces of thin green tea biscuits with white chocolate between them. On your first bite, you may be shock by how strong the green tea flavor is, without realizing the smoothness of the white chocolate. However, on your second bite, you would be able to feel the richness of the chocolate that is well balanced by the green tea biscuits. 

There is a bit of an aftertaste of the green tea itself, but overall, I thought it was worth every ¥127 for each pieces of Chanoka!

TIPS: Before eating, if it has been stored in the fridge, put it outside for awhile before eating, as it makes the chocolate soften, and personally, I find that it's taster when you eat it when it's not so hard, and cold.

Whenever I have the chance to travel around Japan, I definitely would make a pit stop in Kyoto to visit Malebranche, and try other famous sweets!

For those who are interested in Chanoka or Malebranche, please visit their site.


  1. Ok, I live in the much is for it? In Dollars and where can I order them?


    1. @VFoley: For a box of 30 pieces, it might be over 50 dollars. Looking through the website, I am not too sure if you can order it from outside of Japan.. However, if you're really interested, it might be worthwhile to contact them.