Sunday, August 21, 2016

Best Kyoto Style Shaved Ice with 5 Syrups

Been gone for almost a year.. again. No excuse, really, other than I just let time pass by without trying to truly be productive.

I'm trying.. well, from now on, I will try to post more because I've got tons of delicious sweets and food in general to share with you.

Today, since it's still summer in Japan, I am going to review a Japanese sweets shop that sells amazing shaved ice called Nijowakasaya Teramachiten (二條若狭屋 寺町店).  I swear they serve one of the best shaved ice in Kyoto.

The menu I highly recommend is called Sai-un, which is a shaved ice served with seasonal five syrups in a small cup, that you can then pour it onto your shaved ice to your liking. And of course because this is Japan, you also are given three dango to top off your shaved ice, as well as fresh cut-up fruits hidden in the shaved ice. Also, I would like to add that the ice itself was not flavoured(as it is a traditional Japanese shaved ice), unlike the Korean Shaved Ice which generally have milky flavour.

I went to this place last month, and at the time, the syrups I got were: strawberry milk, kiwi, brown sugar milk, lime, and hiyashi ame(sweet ginger drink found mainly in Kansai). All of them were very delicious. My favourites were the brown sugar milk and kiwi. I wouldn't mix all five flavours together, though.. Let me tell you.. it was rather unpleasant. :P

The Sai-un set was 1,512 yen (around US$15), which was a bit pricy when compared to other shaved ice I've eaten, however, you do get a small welcoming sweet before your order arrives, so it's not too bad. PLUS, the toilet there was awesome.. LOL

The shop is quite close to Nijodori, and the manga museum. I walked from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station, and it took around 15 minutes. The closest subway station is the Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station.

Anyone who is planning to visit Kyoto over the summer, or whenever really, that is looking for a cooling dessert, make sure you check this place out. 


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